Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Glitter Everywhere!

I know know why glitter is only limited for the holidays at the school I work at. Not only is it nearly impossible to clean up from floors, but it sheds endlessly from your project until all you are left with are sparse remnants. I decided to make block glitter letters for my library, but I had no idea I had just signed up for an hour long clean up session where I only manged to clean up 25% of the mess. I really need to write a sincere Thank You letter to the cleaning and maintenance staff. But overall, my windows came out pretty decently. Now I just need to get to the pile of book waiting to be shelved, but decorating is so much more fun.

These are the puff balls that I should have just made but instead I went to Michaels and bought them from the Martha Stewart Collection section--damn her packaging, it gets me every time. thankfully Michaels always offers coupons, so the price wasn't that bad. It was originally supposed to be strung horizontally, but I cut them up and hung them this way to really fill the window space. 

My library is a part-time music room, so to incorporate the themes I printed out some music notes and added 3D books as well, that I made my printing out the same thing twice. I have to thank Microsoft clip art for that one!

And here it is all together! I love how it looks on the backdrop of the city. I know the kids can't read, but I hope they will appreciate my battle with glitter to give them this sparkly look. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

25th Birthday Wishlist

Birthday gifts

My 25th birthday is coming up. I'm not as excited as I thought I would be, but I vow next year I will take an awesome trip and tell everyone that I am turning 25 again! Here are some Birthday Wishlist items from my favorite store Nordstrom. I showed my boyfriend this post before I published it, so hopefully he will get the hint. My boyfriend is a bit slow that way--I have a feeling that he wants to get me a graphic novel. I love graphic novels, but it is hardly the appropriate gift for your girlfriend for her birthday. Anyway, I wanted to accomplish so much before my 25th birthday, but no worries--I forget that 25 isn't that old. But I think now its time to start coming up with a 30 before 30 list I've been seeing around. I think the first thing on that list will be a trip to Scotland. I'll definitely need to ask for a pair of rain boots next year. Anybody else have a summer birthday? I still don't know what to do on mine! All ideas are welcomed.

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Brooklyn Weekend @ The Piers & Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Lovely Brooklyn Piers
Statue of Liberty Art

Brooklyn Bridge Park

My Sister Stephany 
Me and my floral skirt :)

Delicious Ample Hills Ice Cream

Pier 6

Art Under the Bridge
I had a lovely time walking about Brooklyn with my sister, Stephany, near Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was a perfect way to spend a summer day. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Dream of Libraries

 When I saw this issue of House Beautiful last year, I was instantly smitten. As a librarian, nothing is more appealing to me than a room full of book. In my current apartment I have one large book shelf that can barely contain my collection, yet I still can't help but to buy more books. If I could, I would line the walls of my house with bookshelves. They are the perfect decorative item--colorful, adjustable, and well they just make you seem smarter and a whole lot more interesting don't they? The deep tufted velveteen couches and matching walls are the stuff of my dreams. I've never been a huge fan of blue, but now I can safely say that it is now one of my favorite colors and I would love to include such a rich color when I am able to paint my own place. I also love how this room is able to maintain a cheery brightness even with the dark colors.Well enough about me oogling over the room, you can see the room in it's full glory right below.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If It Makes You Happy

It’s been a good week. And I found myself waking up this morning genuinely happy. As much as I wanted to sleep in and laze about my house, I was glad to step outside with my headphones on ready for the day. If you ever have trouble getting in the correct mindset to start the day, I would suggest listening to Florence + The Machine--her voice is so uplifting and has a transcending quality to it that somehow matches early sunlight. The power of music is a beautiful thing, and it’s been something I've been rediscovering over the past couple of months (so if you have any recommendations feel free to drop them below). So when my cousin, visiting from Rome, asked my sisters and me if we wanted to see the new movie Begin Again, I had no idea what I was in for.

When the credits started to roll I was already rolling my eyes at the mention of Adam Levine and other big pop/top 40 stars. I wrote it off quickly as one of those sucky celeb-packed films made to draw crowds just from name dropping, but once the film got going, I saw that beneath the big names the film had a heart—a heart for music and the joy that it brings to so many people. The German title translates to Can A Song Save Your Life? Gosh, I know it sounds so corny and cliché, and this film definitely isn't an Oscar winner, but it got me thinking what will save my life? What are the things that bring me joy, happiness, peace, etc.? Music does put my mood in a different place, but it isn't the source of my happiness as it was for the main character of the film.

One of the things that I know that definitively makes me happy is a good book. There are some books that I never want to stop reading, but then I remember that I have a life to live as well, even if it is nowhere as interesting as the book is. And I've often thought whether I could create my own joy by writing a book myself, but then there is the problem of coming up with characters that you genuinely care for—it’s a strange idea, creating imaginary characters to love and expect others to love. Which brings me to something else I've been picking at in my brain--I truly believe that the only source of real happiness is other people, being around them, making connections with them, helping them, loving them, caring for them etc. It seems so obvious, but for an introvert like me, it usually isn't so simple. I spend a lot of time in my own head and only share about 10 percent of myself with others. It’s difficult to make those personal connections when I can’t get out of my own head. I guess that’s why I love New York, I can be an introvert while still being surrounded by millions of people. I've found that moving here as only increased my desire to love people and be around them. They are in my face all of the time and I think I am realizing how very beautiful and unique they all are.

People will save me, I’m not sure how right now and whether they will be fictional or not. But I know that somehow I need to fit more people in my life if happiness is what I am going for. What makes you happy?